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Danby Castle

Danby Castle was constructed in the fourteenth century by the Latimer family, whose members included some of the most powerful nobles of medieval England. It was built to replace an earlier castle located in Castleton which was destroyed by fire. It is believed that some of the stone from the castle in Castleton was used to build Danby Castle. Danby was a quadrangular castle, which consisted of a rectangular building with a central courtyard and towers at each corner


The Court and  Jury Rooms

The South Range of the Castle was converted into a manorial Courthouse with the former private chamber being divided into a Court Room. The Court Room is now used as our main ceremony room and seats 90 guests. The Jury Room is used for registrars and celebrants to meet with couples for their interviews prior to the ceremony, couples can also retire to the Jury Room once the ceremony is complete for a moment alone before meeting their guests for the drinks reception


The Threshing Barn 

Used for drinks receptions, the Threshing Barn and Horse Engine Shed (which is licensed for weddings) had quite a large makeover during 2020.  We wanted to provide more indoor seating and comfort for guests if the weather is misbehaving!


The Barn

In 2016 we began renovating the original 14th Century Barn located across the lawn from the castle ruins. The Barn boasts its authentic wooden beams adorned with fairy lights, original 14th Century stonework, a varnished wooden floor and real wood-burning stove to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding breakfast and evening reception.

The barn is so beautiful it barely needs any dressing and with original features still intact, it really does take your breath away!


No wedding is complete without the party at night, and you can do that with130 friends! Whether you have a Band, DJ or simply want to put your own playlist on, we have our own in-house sound system and lights to make your evening do perfect!   The bar and dance floor adjoins the main barn so your guests who want to chat still can and those who want to party hit the dance floor - it's a win win for everyone!

The Bar & Dance Floor