Welcome to the Danby Castle Blog!

Well 2021 really wasn't the start we had hoped for here at the Castle. We had an open weekend planned with lots of couples booked in. We were so excited to be able to chat to newly engaged couples about all their exciting plans, chat to suppliers about what's new and simply relish in the venue having people walking around it, tasting our great food and seeing their faces light up when they see our views and the sheer beauty of Danby Castle.

The reality of course is something very, very different...we have all had to endure the longest January in the entire history of man (well definitely in my entire history, so since 1966) and after the news yesterday that schools will not be back until at least the 8th March, our next open weekend scheduled in February will now have to be moved...3rd time since November!

We want to keep weddings at the forefront of everyone's minds, so are going to be posting some 'real wedding' posts (if you would like your wedding at Danby Castle to feature, please let us know) supplier spotlights and lots of helpful hints and tips on weddings.

Plus possibly a few pictures and funny stories about the animals (3 hens, Ruby the cat, Pearl the Shetland and Martha the ex-racer plus the 2 dogs...and a gecko) and life here in general!

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