Now who doesn't love flowers? I know I do and would have every room in the house filled with them if I could!

We have worked with Rebecca from for many years and with Valentines Day looming we thought it only right that Rebecca was first in our supplier spotlight hot seat!

How long have you been in business Rebecca?

I opened the business in November 2011! We will turn 10 this year!

Why did you start The Countryside Florist?

I was 18 years old and newly qualified as a florist. I started with a small shop and progressed to buying bigger premises a few years later. From day one I knew it was the job for me as I just loved being so creative, and being able to make people’s days brighter with flowers was, and still is, the best part of the job. Aside from the sub zero working conditions, the incredibly sore hands and all of the many other non glamourous parts of the job, floristry brings me a lot of joy and pride. My Mam works alongside me every day too. Although she isn’t a florist, she does so much work behind the scenes and makes a damn fine buttonhole too!

What is your favourite thing about your business?

There are so many things! On a day to day basis throughout this whole lockdown fiasco, the surprise and joy I have seen on people’s faces when we have delivered flowers has just been such a boost! People are using flowers to show their love and it is just a pleasure to be a part of it. Alongside this, when the world is “normal”, I am primarily a wedding and event florist – but even so, it is still people’s reactions to my creations that I love the most! I love meeting couples and working with them to come up with a plan for their wedding flowers. All ideas – even “crazy” ones – are brought to the table, and we work through them to find what will work best for their day as a whole. Throughout the wedding journey, my couples then have as much or as little contact as they would like with me...I have been lucky enough to have developed lovely rapports with our couples, and long lasting friendships too. On the wedding morning, by far my most favourite thing is seeing my bride’s face. Most wedding florists will say the same – but that is because it is just amazing! Handing over the all important bridal bouquet, and being met with a beaming smile (and often a cuddle – pre-covid!), is the pinnacle of job satisfaction, it is such an unbeatable buzz.

Are you happy to travel for weddings (UK and abroad)?

Have car, will travel – is my favourite saying! Yes we will travel to further afield wedding venues no problem! When travelling a longer distance from the studio, we have minimum spends and travelling costs, but if a couple falls in love with my work and feels that we gel, and are happy with the whole package we discuss, then fantastic! We haven’t done abroad weddings as yet, as we haven’t ever been asked! But never say never.

How far in advance do couples need to book you?

This is a bit of a stickler of mine! The magazines and checklists tend to say that you should book a florist 9 months before the day. My clients tend to book me 18-24 months beforehand. I would personally recommend between 12-18 months. This is not to say that if you have less than 6 months to go it isn’t doable – it all depends on our availability for the day! Heck, if we get notice 2 months before the wedding, as long as we are available, that is excellent!

What are your expert tips for couples?

When searching for a florist, I have a few “top tips”! The most important one, is to look at

their pictures of their previous work! Make sure that their photos are their own (there are unfortunately some sneakies out there) as you want to see what that person can actually create! If you aren’t sure, ask! No one should be offended if you think their photos look “too good”!

I personally do all sorts of “styles” of floristry, as I have an array of different clients with lots of different tastes, and I just love the variety that it brings to my job! I adore creating both wild and wonderful designs, with lots of greenery and a really relaxed vibe, but I also love making arrangements that have a more regal or traditional edge. Some florist choose to stick with one style, which is fantastic too! Everyone has their own way of working and so it is essential to make sure you feel that the florist you choose “gets” you and your vision.

Finally, this one isn’t floristry related but I hope is still relevant! Try to enjoy the planning process! This is a happy time and everyone is here to help you, so if you are worried or have any questions about different elements of your day, you shouldn’t ever feel scared to ask!

How has Covid-19 affected your business?

Going into 2020, I had created flowers for over 500 weddings. I was so excited for another year full of love and colour! Obviously, that wasn’t meant to be and I created for a sum total of 5 weddings! Covid-19 has massively impacted my business in that we have had to postpone all (bar those lucky 5) weddings from last year to this year and next. It has been really difficult working through such an unprecedented time. However, I don’t like to dwell on the negatives, and I did manage to get a whole lot of positives out of 2020!

In the second half of the year, when flower importing was finally back on track and we were able to begin delivering flowers, the retail side of the business took back off. I had focussed on weddings and events from 2018, as this is my passion, but I saw that people wanted to send flowers and spread some joy, so I jumped at the chance to get my hands back on some flowers again! From then on we have been delivering flowers every week, and my creative juices have been flowing and I have loved it! People have been so kind with wonderful reviews and just generally wanting us to succeed, and I feel so lucky – shattered, but lucky!

What are you most looking forward to when weddings can start again?

Aside from being able to work with such a variety of flowers and make exciting installations and beautiful bridal bouquets, I can’t wait to actually see people again! My clients mean a lot to me and I just want to be able to help make their day amazing!

What do you think the floral trends will be for Valentine's Day in 2021

For Valentine’s Day 2021 I am thinking it will be super luxurious, at home chic (said with a laugh, because what else can we do right now but stay home and make the best of it?!) I’m thinking indoor picnics, candles, romantic movies and of course, lots and lots of flowers!

Speaking of flowers (see how I did that?!) I have put together a collection of Valentine’s Day designs which will hopefully suit everyone! From the traditional red roses (which are always on trend!) to soft pinks or vibrant yellows, we have a range of pieces available!

We are delivering on both Saturday 13th and the big day, Sunday 14th February, and the flowers can be ordered online on our website, all discreet and super sleuthy so that your loved one gets a real surprise!

Finally, do you have a special offer for Danby Castle couples?

Yes I do! We will offer a free small posy for the 'bouquet toss' so you don't have to part with your beautiful bouquet!

Thank you so much Rebecca for taking part in our Supplier Spotlight! There are lots of fantastic information and tips for all couples and if you are lucky enough to live locally to Rebecca then make sure you get your orders in for Valentine's Day ASAP! All her details are below:

Thank you to and Rebecca for the photos!

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