Spring forward or Fall Back...

I love Spring...I love the awakening of the garden, the daffodils the greener grass and the birdsong gets louder. Plus those long dark days of winter have gone and you notice that suddenly the drive back from the supermarket at 6pm is still in daylight. I am sure everyone is desperate for Spring this year and to hopefully getting out and about a bit more!

But I really love the Autumn, the nights start to draw in, the leaves slowly change colour and you no longer feel guilty for wrapping up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a box of chocolates...just like that woman in the Lindt Lindor advert in her perfect fluffy socks and jumper, except I couldn't be less like her!

But the question really relates to weddings! What would you prefer, a Spring or an Autumn wedding?

We had an autumn wedding...but didn't have an autumnal theme! Weddings with rich gold and orange and deep reds are stunning and work beautifully against our backdrop of original stone walls.

This ceremony styling was set up by Samantha from Sheer Elegance for Kelly and Darren's wedding in November 2019, it really was truly stunning - photos by Steven McDonald The ceremony was in the barn and then during the drinks reception we turned the room around for the wedding breakfast. WOW, once all the trees were out it really did take the guests breath away!

Dramatic isn't it?

But then so is the table layout for Sammy and Nathan's October 2018 wedding with trestle tables, sequin runners pumpkins and candles - photo by Daz Mack. I adore both styles if honest and the barn is so versatile.

Plus of course if you have sequin runners then all of your maids get to wear sequins too! Which in turn means if your maids have sequins then surely the bride needs some too! Oh and did I mention dogs? We love dogs in fact any animals at weddings...but that is another blog coming soon!

Ok so what about Spring then?

Well first off all there always needs to be an Easter egg hunt of some sort which you can absolutely do anytime in March or April! However, Sarah and Gary back in April 2018 decided to go the extra mile and have a gigantic egg in a nest on one of our barrels, which was the biggest Easter egg I had ever seen! Photo credit to Paul + Tim

Spring also includes the gorgeous month of May. Luckily for us in Danby, we are surrounded by gorse bushes, with theirvibrant yellow flowers and just add the most stunning backdrop to your day. Abbie and Lee were married in May 2019 and the gorse couldn't have been more perfect for their day - photo by Sam Docker

So whether you want the autumnal colours or chocolates and gorse...you can be guaranteed the most fantastic day at Danby Castle and know that your photos will be stunning too!

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